Our Story

Our family loves spending time at the pool, the beach, and the lake. Some of our best memories always involve being around the water. As a mom, it was always a hassle packing multiple towels for each member of the family, and still ended up seeing everyone chilly when the wind blew. The flimsy cover ups that existed were not warm, nor did they do a good job protecting against harmful UV rays. Additionally, finding decent dressing rooms was an issue and changing on the spot proved to be a precarious act, trying to prevent a peek-a-boo fiasco!

Fuzzy Elephant was formed with these issues in mind. Our cover ups are made from the finest yarns, and optimized to be warm, yet breathable, and feel extremely soft against bare skin. They are super absorbent; great for the competitive swimmer to wear in between events; perfect to wear to and from the pool, lake or beach.

Fuzzy Elephant products are all designed locally, with all water lovers in mind.

Our collection continues to expand so please, stay tuned!