Our Commitment to Using Sustainable Materials

Fuzzy Elephant is committed to using sustainable materials in manufacturing our ponchos. Our ponchos are made of bamboo, cotton, or a blend of the two.

What are the benefits of bamboo cotton?

Antibacterial: Bacteria doesn't survive well on bamboo fabric. Bacteria grows rapidly which causes a smell in most damp towels, but bamboo dries quickly and has a smother, silkier yarn, so bacteria can't thrive.

Moisture Wicking: Bamboo cotton is super absorbent; it wicks away moisture and dries pretty quickly, making it more comfortable to wear.

UV Protection: Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays.

Sensitive: Towels can be harsh and abrasive against many delicate skin types. Bamboo produces a smooth fiber which makes our ponchos incredibly soft, so they don't irritate sensitive skin. 

Temperature Control: Bamboo is a hollow microfiber, which makes it warm yet very breathable. You'll be warm during winter and won’t overheat during summer while wearing one of our cover-ups.